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Who we are

Orion Labs is an applied robotic research institution focused on solving interesting and important problems of our time. Our corporation applies machine learning to difficult challenges in robotics utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. We are experts in:


We tackle challenges in the field of robotics including autonomy, navigation of difficult environments, and localization.

Navigation & Control Systems

We help autonomous systems better understand and move through their environment.

Machine Learning

Our team applies advanced machine learning techniques to help mobile robots become smarter and more efficient.


Our team is happy to help on a variety of products and services.

Machine Learning

We are at the forefront of providing ML applications ranging from probabilistic ML, NLP, Bayesian Methods, and Gaussian processes.

Space Science

We are passionate and enthusiastic about space sciences and our team has an impressive amount of expertise in this field.


Our team strives to advance the field of robotics by applying state-of-the-art machine learning methods.

Team Moonraiders

Team MoonrAIders is a competitor in the NASA Centennial Challenges Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2. Our team is made up of interdisciplinary members coming from fields such as machine learning, computer vision and robotics. We have members from over 7 countries and 9 institutions. Together we are excited to tackle the challenge of developing simulated rovers to find resources on the Moon.


For more information on the NASA Centennial Challenges Space Robotics Phase 2 Competition visit their site here. Team MoonrAIders has submitted for the Qualification Round and is waiting for results to enter the Competition Round in January 2021.

Sara Jennings

University of Boulder Colorado Team Leader

Philippe Ludivig

University of Luxembourg Robotics Specialist

Daniel Medina

German Aerospace Center (DLR) Navigation Specialist

Frank Soboczenski

King's College London Machine Learning Specialist

Manuel Castillo-Lopez

University of Luxembourg Robotics Specialist

Atılım Güneş Baydin

University of Oxford Machine Learning Specialist

Adam Cobb

University of Oxford Machine Learning Specialist

Jose Delgado

University of Luxembourg Computer Vision Specialist

Sara Gregg

Robust AI Robotics Specialist

Francisco Lera

University of León Robotics Specialist

Valentin Bickel

Max Planck Institute Computer Vision & Lunar Specialist

Benjamin Wu

NVIDIA Robotics Specialist

Paul Wright

Stanford University & Wright AI Ltd Machine Learning Specialist

Chelsea Sidrane

Stanford University Machine Learning & Robotics Specialist

Dietmar Backes

University of Luxembourg Mapping Specialist

Ignacio Lopez-Francos

Independent Consultant Machine Learning Specialist

Swetha Pillai

Southampton University Machine Learning Specialist

Zahi Kakish

Arizona State University Robotics Specialist

Karthik Venkataramani

ASTRA Machine Learning Specialist

Sanjeev Narayanaswamy

University of Toronto Orbital Dynamics Specialist

Maciej Zurad

University of Luxembourg Robotics Specialist

Krzysztof Żurad

Terabee Robotics Specialist

Lukas Meyer

German Aerospace Center (DLR) Robotics Specialist

Mathieu Labbe

Université de Sherbrooke Robotics Specialist

Miguel A. G. Santamarta

University of León Robotics Specialist

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Our Partners

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Special thanks to the program that brought us together

Our team was formed through the relationships we built at the Frontier Development Lab an applied artificial intelligence research lab at NASA Ames hosted by the SETI Institute and developed and operated by Trillium Technologies. This research program created the lifelong friendships that allowed this team to develop. Applications are open for the 2021 program (https://frontierdevelopmentlab.org/)



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